Why 'reinvent the wheel' when the solution already exists ?

What are SnapShots ?

ErgoAnalyst SnapShots are 1-page reports of hazardous manual task risks that have successfully been solved by other ErgoAnalyst members using ErgoAnalyst. We wanted to enable all our clients to share great solutions that have already been implemented elsewhere so that they could harness this existing knowledge to effectively reduce injury risks and improved productivity in their own workplace. Why try to develop new solutions when a solution already exists elsewhere? We know our client's time is important so we developed these customised SnapShots so that the task and the solution can be viewed on a single page.

How can these ShapShots benefit you ?

SnapShots in a single page showcase:

  • A description of the hazardous manual task and the solution
  • Pictures of the task and the solution
  • The ErgoAnalyst risk assessment with injury risk displayed as thermal body maps and calculated percentage risk reductions for the solution
  • See the example SnapShot on the right
We launched with 100 SnapShots, and we have been adding lots more every week. So, there are lots of great ideas and solutions to help you already, with lots & lots more to come. This SnapShot database also has a inbuilt search engine so that you can search for SnapShots that are relevant to you … or just browse though them to help spark some good control ideas for your own tasks.
All these SnapShots are now available for Members Area using their ErgoAnalyst login details at http://ergoanalyst.com/member-training/snapshots-implemented-solutions/.
If you would like to know more about ErgoAnalyst-SnapShots please contact us.